PimpMyEarth is a game made for the GameJam "Pot-au-jeu 2".

Theme: metamorphosis

In this game, you are "BIGJO" badass planet maker, you need to respect your customer wishs and make him happy.

Special thanks to Klink for help fordesign and sounds.

Controls :

Mouse Click : For interact with buttons

Arrow Left and Right : For rotating the planet

Spawn some thinks :

Select with click, and click on space to spawn.


Important :

Play in full screen.

Tips :

- Many trees create oxygen

- Human, horse and wolf need oxygen to live

- Water meteore create water, magma meteore decreased water

- Water kill trees, monsters and house.

More :

- This game have 4 levels

- If you loose, you loose your progress


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amazing game! very fun to play! 

Thanks ;)